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桃花堂视频 History

桃花堂视频 is a year-round school providing vocational training in mechanical trades and allied health career fields where job growth is expected.

桃花堂视频 was founded in 1995 in Lincoln, Illinois. Since opening its doors, 桃花堂视频 has achieved many milestones, including receiving national accreditation by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) for its course offerings, and expanding our programs and courses beyond the original welding program. For more information about our history, visit our Springfield, IL campus history page.

桃花堂视频 has always taken great pride in touching the lives of students by giving them the hands-on workforce training they need to be successful. After over twenty years and thousands of students, that goal has remained the same.

For more information on 桃花堂视频’s history, check out this with 桃花堂视频 co-founders Brian Huff and Mike Casper, who discuss their journey from welders to school owners.

桃花堂视频 Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer workforce training that will provide graduates with the skills necessary to gain entry-level employment in their chosen field.

What Makes 桃花堂视频 Different?

Program Duration

At 桃花堂视频, we understand the importance of completing training programs and courses in a timely manner. We offer a variety of accelerated programs in the allied health and mechanical trades fields, where you’ll have the opportunity to complete most programs and courses in less than one year.


Your life is busy and your time is valuable. We understand that. Most programs and courses at 桃花堂视频 offer a variety of class times (including daytime and evenings), so you can learn when it is convenient for you.

Professionalism with a “Family” Feel

The staff at 桃花堂视频 is full of bright and caring professionals, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in their fields. Our friendly and helpful Admissions and Financial Aid Teams are here to guide you through the entire process, from signing up for classes to helping you find the financing options that work best for you.

The Skills Gap: New Opportunity in the Skilled Trades Industry as Demand Grows

Advances in technology, impending infrastructure repairs, and continued labor shortages are all contributing to the increasing demand for U.S. skilled workers, creating amazing opportunity for anyone considering a career in the skilled trades.

桃花堂视频 partnered with Viewpoint to share the message of how trade schools are helping address the massive U.S. skills gap鈥攁nd why you should consider a career in the skilled trades now more than ever. 桃花堂视频 (桃花堂视频) offers workforce training that provides graduates with the skills necessary to gain entry-level employment in their chosen career field.

桃花堂视频’s mission is to change lives by giving graduates a set of skills they can utilize for a lifetime to pursue a rewarding career path. 桃花堂视频 offers a diverse mix of skilled trades programs, including mechanical trades, healthcare, cosmetology, and truck driving. 桃花堂视频 believes that by learning a trade, you can take advantage of the growing skilled worker shortage and transition from short-term job to lifelong career.